Advertisers force Google to repentance


Bona fide companies saw their ads in YouTube videos of terrorist groups and could no longer respect. As a result, Google can no longer wash his hands in innocence.

Google sharpens its advertising policies after complaints from companies who saw their ads in YouTube videos of extremists. According to British newspapers deserve groups like the Ku Klux Klan lot of money on Google ads from bona fide parties including the British government. The new measures are contrary to the neutral image that Google likes carries.

Google sells advertising space on various platforms, from the famous search engine for video network YouTube. Since Google automatically fill these spots with ads and their companies advertising policies often subcontract, advertisers rarely know where their ads appear exactly.

Last week unveiled two British newspapers where this can lead. As the Guardian found that ads from McDonalds, Audi and the Guardian itself alongside YouTube videos of the Ku Klux Klan and Islamic hate preachers were depicted.

Each click on the ads on extremist YouTube videos provides the creators of the videos money, and big time. According to calculations by experts earned four extremist groups added over 290 thousand euro to the ads in their video channels, the Guardian wrote. This newspaper and a number of other companies withdrew their complaints immediately back from Google.

And even showed the British government inadvertently sponsoring extremism, Google Alphabet parent company was UK summoned. It might explain how it was possible that advertisements for the army and blood donation, funded by the British taxpayer, were in films by radicals.


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