Amy Awards: ‘Handmade Tale’ and ‘Big Little Boys’ at the forefront

Amy Awards: 'Handmade Tale' and 'Big Little Boys' at the forefront

Handmade Tale won

The Streaming Service Holo drama series ‘The Handmade’s Tale’ has won four of the most important honors in the Emmy Awards this year.
Amy is called the TV industry Oscar, and ‘Handmade Tail’ was declared the best drama series on Sunday at the 69th Amy Awards, while director of Red Murray, the best director, Best Actress, Elizabeth Mous best actress and Anne Dude for the best supporting actress. Get awards Producer Bruce Miller thanked the author of the series Margaret Eid, saying, ‘They have prepared this world for us.’

Emmys: ‘Big Little Lies,’ ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘SNL’ Dominate

Riz (Rizwan) was given the best actor for Ahmed LIMITED series or movie ‘The Knight of’. They belong to Britain. Charlie Broker of the United Kingdom received the Best Writing Award for the Netflix program ‘Black Mirror‘.
While receiving the Best Telecast Film ‘San Junioro’. Broker said, ‘This is a story of love and love will be defeated and victory will be.’


British comedian John Oliver and his team got two rewards for the “Great Week to Knight”.

HBO series ‘Big Little Lights’ received a number of major awards in the series of series, including Best Actress (Nicole Kidman), Best Supporting Actress (Laura Darren), the Best Supporting Actor (Alexander Schwarsdorf) and Best Director (Jean Marc). Valley) included.

Nicole Kidman received the award and said: ‘TV’s strength has shaken us. You allow us to come to your room.But so much fun in the show it talks about the problems.

This show focuses on topics like domestic violence.

Julia Louie was awarded the Best Actress Award in the comedy series ‘Weap’. This series also set a new record of the highest award for the same role.The series was also awarded with the Best Comedy Series award.Sterling Brown achieved the best role in the drama series. This is the first time in the last 20 years that an African American has received this award.



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