Charles Leclerc Maintains 100 Percent Win Record in Virtual GP

Charles Leclerc Maintains 100 Percent Win Record in Virtual GP
Charles Leclerc beat his teammate Sebastian Vettel by 24 points as he finished fourth in the 2019 drivers’ championship standings, winning races at both Spa and Monza. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP Source: theguardian

Charles Leclerc successfully maintains his impressive winning stats at the end of his second Virtual GP shift. Chinese Virtual Grand Prix boasted an impressive lineup of race drivers with Lando Norris returning to race after the Australian Virtual GP debacle, Thibaut Courtois joining hands with Red Bull and the first Virtual GP winner Guanyu Zhou appearing to drive on his home track.Charles Leclerc Maintains 100 Percent Win Record in Virtual GP.

After winning the second Virtual Grand Prix, Leclerc expressed the lack of glamour that a winning driver at a real Grand Prix gets to enjoy. That said, cooking white pasta after a win must be humbling for the two-time virtual GP winner. It is okay though because one way or another a talented driver like himself could be getting a lot of chances for that glamour in the future he missed so badly at the end of a race-winning day.

Carlos Sainz was another late inclusion to the race. His driving endeavors, however, took a hilarious nosedive as he pointed out in a tweet after the race was over. Sainz’s car went off track into the green. Thankfully, he later scored some points to save himself from embarrassment. It would not have been a big deal even if he had not scored points for the fact that he was not used to sim racing. There is always a first time for anything, right?

Objection, your honor! Lando Norris crashed out of the game more than once. Lando might not take the event of crashing out of the race time and again seriously but his fans certainly are. Online rage over Lando’s absence till this moment is only being controlled by some Godly defense mechanism. The McLaren driver has repeatedly been experiencing outage while his F1 colleagues are having the best time of their isolated lives. In the upcoming virtual events, he might want to find a permanent fix to this problem or else he might never get a chance to challenge the latest winner of the Virtual Grand Prix.Charles Leclerc Maintains 100 Percent Win Record in Virtual GP.


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