Google Maps takes out old idea from the cabinet


That might be better, Google should have thought. Via his popular Google Maps app, just real-time tracking will be followed by how someone moves over the map. Similar to, for example, the driving taxi in the Uber app.

The new Google Maps feature is remarkable for two reasons. Facebook stopped just the opportunity to share an exact location in his chat app Messenger. The disadvantages (privacy, battery of the phone) were too large. Google tries to remove potential privacy issues by offering many options for this sharing. This will indicate how long the location is shared with an interested party. Also, the option must be enabled by contact.

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The partition feature is also remarkable because Google offered it to you years ago. In 2009, Google launched the long-forgotten app Latitude, initially for Blackberry phones. Latitude did exactly the same as Google Maps is going to do soon, but the app was mainly due to privacy complaints: people could be followed by their contacts without them being heard. Later, in 2013, Google made a next attempt in his (little-used) social network Google+.

Various apps, like Whatsapp or iMessage, have long been able to share locations, but it’s about static information, not about moving puppets. Google promises in a blog post that sharing of locations will be available to everyone soon.

Another new feature in Google Maps is a recovery help for the car. The latest Android trial shows a big blue letter P at the place where someone left his car. It is not known when this is available to everyone. Apple has for a long time been in this card app.

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