Hamas calls for a protest against Israel’s global condemnation of Trump’s decision


After the announcement of the US President Donald Trump to accept Jerusalem’s capital, Israel’s Hamas leader, Ismail Hanifa, demanded Israel to start a movement (movement) against Israel.

This announcement Ismail Hanee addressed a press conference in Gaza. Earlier, two distinct movements have been launched against Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
On the other hand, since the announcement of the US President’s announcement, it continues to condemn internationally.
Speaking at the White House on Wednesday night, announcing Jerusalem to recognize Israel’s capital, he said that it was necessary for the peace of America between the United States’s best interests and Israel and Palestinians.

Despite the growing proximity to the new American president, the royal statement issued by Saudi Arabia said that this decision of President Trump is ‘unequal and unreasonable’ and ‘this is the hypocrisy of the rights of Palestinian people’.
On the other hand, Iran also condemned the announcement of President Trumpet, saying that this decision could bring a new beginning against Israel. This provocative and non-intellectual decision can lead to a severe and violent response. ‘
The eight United Nations Security Council’s eight countries have demanded that an emergency meeting should be called by the end of the week this week.
France, Bolivia, Egypt, Italy, Senegal, Sweden, Britain, and Uruguay have demanded the emergency meeting that will be held on Friday and the UN Secretary-General will address it.
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who recently returned his announcement after the announcement of his resignation in Saudi Arabia recently said, “Our country announces its support with Palestinians and their separate country, The capital is Jerusalem, with the demand for setting up.

He further stated in his statement that American decision would increase the risk of the region.
In other words, like Europe’s other countries, Germany has condemned American decision, when Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a message through her spokesperson, which she clearly stated that President did not fully support Trump’s decision. ‘
He added that the decision about Jerusalem’s status can be under the two-state solution.
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said on the American President’s decision that “shameful and unacceptable measures of President Trumpet have weakened all the efforts of peace.”
Secretary of Palestine Liberation Organization says the recognition of two state solutions has been destroyed by the Donald Trump on recognizing Jerusalem as a capital of Jerusalem.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Griterus strongly rejected the move of President Trump in relation to Israeli rule over Jerusalem.
Antonio Gutter criticized President Trumpp’s decision in his statement, saying that the conflict of Jerusalem should be resolved through direct talks with Israel and Palestinians.
He said that “As a United Nations Secretary-General, I have been talking about everyday conflict with a continual solution from day to time, which can bring peace to Israel and the possibility of peace among Palestinians.”

Federica Magnini, head of the European Union’s Federal Policy, expressed his intense concern over President Trump’s move.
Federation Magnini said, “It is very important to fulfill the wishes of Jerusalem about the Jerusalem and to seek a way to negotiate to solve the problem.”
British Prime Minister Teresa May has disputed the Donald Trump’s decision.
“We do not agree with the US decision to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem,” said a spokesman for Treasury.

Jordan has declared the Trump’s decision as an international principle of interest.
An American government spokesman says, “It is a violation of international law and the United Nations Charter to accept Jerusalem from Israel as a capital of Israel and transfer its embassy there.”
Turkey criticized Donald Trump’s decision, saying, “We condemn this unusual statement of the US administration.” This decision is against international law and UN resolutions.

People protest outside the US consulate in Istanbul’s capital, while all Libyan Union unions announced Tunisia.
Egypt rejects the announcement of accepting Jerusalem from the Israeli capital of the United States.
The French President, on the response of Trump’s announcement, said he did not recognize the United States’s unanimous decision in which he recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
‘This decision is horrible that France does not accept and this decision goes against the international laws and the UN resolutions.’



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