KSI vs Logan Paul – LIVE: Latest updates as undercard bouts begin ahead of YouTube stars’ fight in Manchester

KSI vs Logan Paul - LIVE: Latest updates as undercard bouts begin ahead of YouTube stars' fight in Manchester
KSI vs Logan Paul - LIVE: Latest updates as undercard bouts begin ahead of YouTube stars' fight in Manchester

KSI vs Logan Paul – LIVE: Latest updates as undercard bouts begin ahead of YouTube stars’ fight in Manchester. They’re two of the most beloved – and most hated – YouTubers in the world, and this evening in Manchester they clash in a boxing match that is expected to be seen live by nearly 20,000 people and on a paid-for live stream in countries across the globe.

Olajide “KSI” Olatunji, a British YouTuber with 19 million subscribers takes on controversial American YouTuber Logan Paulin a match that has been six months in the making.

The two are due to square off with each other around 9 pm, while the combatants’ younger brothers, Deji Olatunji (also known as ComedyShortsGamer) and Jake Paul are among those who will also duke it out on an undercard of bouts due to start from around 5.30pm.

:: Chris Stokel-Walker (CSW) reporting live from the MEN Arena and Adam Hamdani (AH) following all the online reaction

Live Updates

MOMO comes out and puts a lot of pressure on Rossi from the off but his lack of power (although he can seriously take a punch) is just obvious.
This is the kind of fight where the boxing experts and those who don’t approve of this kind of event do a collective sigh. MOMO probably applied more pressure in the second, so we’ll give him the 10-9. (AH)

Overheard up here in the nosebleed seats: “MOMO’s dominating, isn’t he?” (CSW)

The difference in skill is pretty obvious here.
MOMO has supposedly been training for just seven days and you can tell in the way he throws those punches, almost like a cat. He’s also focusing mainly on how his Fortnite dancing looks at every opportunity.
Considering RossiHD’s advantage in terms of practice, he hasn’t looked much better. Probably about a 10-9 round to Rossi considering he landed cleaner more often. (AH)

The live crowd is loving MOMO’s dancing. (CSW)

Just asked Harry Hugo of the GOAT Agency, an influencer marketing agency for his thoughts on 400,000 people paying $10 to watch YouTubers box.
“YouTube is coming,” he says. (CSW)

MOMO (not the scary WhatsApp meme that’s reported to be encouraging children to harm themselves) and RossiHD are up next. MOMO’s particularly notable for the pace of his uploads – he’s a video creation machine.
RossiHD is a British FIFA gamer with just over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.
If you’re worrying that all these names are interchangeable and indistinguishable, don’t worry: most of the people who’ve traveled to Manchester and who are tuning in at home haven’t come here for anyone but the Olatunji and Paul families. (CSW)

We’re now in the live lull between fights (aka merch buying breaks) for those of us in attendance in Manchester, but looking around the arena makes for an interesting view of YouTube’s demographics.
First the obvious: this is a young crowd. Almost anyone over 35 is chaperoning their pre-teen children. It’s for that reason the Culture Secretary warned the BBC about the rise of YouTube – these are the viewers of tomorrow.
But they’re also two-thirds male: many of the YouTubers people are here to see are laddish. Getting out more of that female audience to events such as this is the challenge. (CSW)

This is absolutely massive.
One fight into the undercard and we already have 400,000 concurrent viewers. That is astonishing considering it is a pay-per-view event. (AH)

Call Me Ham wins the fight and you could see it from the offset. His power and size shone through – it wasn’t a good contest by any means.
“I can’t wait to eat fatty foods now, I’ve been dieting. I can’t wait to eat now. Massive shout out to Jeremy” says Call Me Ham.
Onto the next one. (AH)

The third round was just a tired round. Three rounds, two minutes apiece, fair play to them. Another 10-9 round to Call Me Ham in my opinion.
We wait for the official scorecards… (AH)

For context, this opening bout is already more exciting than the kickoff match on the last YouTube boxing event in London in February, which was largely two people hugging each other. (CSW)

Call Me Ham begins the second round landing heavily and landing often. Jrizzy Jeremy comes back with his own punches and you can see the clear lack of skill from both. The lighter fighter takes a knee midway through and is given a standing count, immediately coming back with a stiff left hand of his own.
Zero technique in this fight, a lot of trying hard. 10-9 round to Call Me Ham again. Into the final round… (AH)

Big heavy punches from both men, Jrizzy Jeremy looking tired already. 10-9 round to Call Me Ham to get things off. (AH)
Call me Ham vs Jrizzy Jeremy

If we’re coming across a little quiet on the live stream, fear not – the arena is currently only half full. Everyone’s at the merch stands. (CSW)

The head guards are on, the talking is done. Call me Ham vs Jrizzy Jeremy is our first fight of the night and it’s underway! (AH)

Online comedian Call me Ham (okay we will then) versus Jrizzy Jeremy is our first bout of the evening, and in what we can only assume is an active attempt to sabotage their own event going viral, sadly Michael Buffer is not announcing any of the undercard matches.
There’s a strict no cameras policy in place within Manchester Arena – a stark departure from the last boxing match involving KSI, held in February this year in London.
The fundamental difference between then and now? The entire night isn’t being live-streamed for free, unlike back in February.
Those watching at home have to fork out £7.50 (or $10) to watch live coverage of the bout online. According to fight organizers, they’re viewing from as far afield as China (where YouTube is banned), Dubai and South America. (CSW)


He’s getting excited… (AH)
1 hour ago
Every one of the multiple merch stands dotted around the arena is doing a brisk business as fans aim to get their merch before the fight begins.
But curiously, for brothers who incessantly plug their merchandise in their videos, you’ll not find any Logan Paul or Jake Paul merch on sale.
“They didn’t bother,” says Liam Chivers of OPTalent, KSI’s agent and chief negotiator for the fight.
It’s a curious decision as the Pauls are never usually shy about buying. (CSW)

Look who’s a part of the commentary team this evening!
Alongside Lawrence McKenna and the True Geordie, KSI’s former opponent and brainchild of the YouTube boxing events Joe Weller will have his say on the evening’s events. (AH)
Joe Weller

Please allow a moment for the live blog to load…

The match is the second bout for KSI, who defeated Joe Weller in front of a 7,000-strong sellout in London’s Copper Box Arena back in February.

The pair has argued over social media in the run-up to the event and held press conferences in London and Los Angeles, but the final fight takes place within the confines of Manchester Arena as the city also celebrates Pride this bank holiday weekend.

Fans not able to make it to Manchester have to pay £7.50 ($10) for the privilege of watching a live stream of the action.

Despite the protestations of the participants, for most fans in attendance, the bout will be more entertainment than boxing brawl – but it’s still a significant money-spinner for all involved.

More than a quarter of a million pounds of bets on the outcome of the main event have been taken by British bookmakers, The Independent can exclusively reveal – and the number’s still rising.

“We were blown away by the numbers we saw after KSI’s last fight, but that pales in significance in truth, with interest from a betting perspective likely to hit £300,000 by close of play on Saturday night,” said Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati.


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