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You and your Competitor
You and your Competitor in the ground of SEO

Hi, This is Pakhitech Perform Seo and all related services facing different Issues during performing services and most common problems and understanding of the people about SEO.

One boy from China asks us to collect data of backlinks for his logistics website where he can build Quality backlinks for his Logistics website. he provides a Contact form where the columns provided (Web Url) (DA) (Ahrefs or SEMrush rank) (Organic Traffic) (backlink reason) (Contact Name) (Contact Email) (Remark) Now the problem start from here he wants URLs but not provided the full details due to lack of information. My team analyze and search for his competitors in china and provide him information about the companies in China and provide the following fields information like (URL of Company website) (DA) (PA) (number of backlinks) (spam score) (Trust flow) (citations Flow) and all related information but he just refuses and asks for revise we believe in the quality work my team analyze again its requirement he provides and take 3 most ranking his competitors and find out backlinks of that company and provide information according to his Contact From but again he just put new things need DA minimum 20 and 500 minimum traffic of the website, Requirements look like this.

1. I need DA more than 20.
2. I don’t need Chinese web
3. I need web traffic more than 500
4. I need mail show, if no mail, don’t need show this info.
5. I need what reason to backlink this web, resource page, broken link (if, please show broken link), gust post or other.

he mentions broken links but doesn’t identify for his website he provided or for its competitors.

Actually the person has a lack of knowledge of SEO, So our team thinks to identify this problem and write this article to show what is the necessary information he needs for Backlinking.

  1. First, you should decide where you want to rank your website.
  2. analyze your competitors in that country. If you want to rank worldwide then you should consider first your global competitors.
  3. Find out where they build backlinks find out the strategy of your competitors.
  4. Build a perfect and a mixup of all types of backlinks include (Guest Posting, Follow backlinks, No-Follow Backlinks, Redirect backlinks but the broken backlinks have nothing for you don’t mention it.
  5. Some Website gives paid backlinks and some need Quality Content for Provide Backlink to your website.
  6. Try to Build Backlinks on high DA and PA Websites with minimum Smap Score.
  7. Your Backlinks always should nitch related means if your company is logistics you should find the firms and business directories according to your business where you can build your backlink. Google will automatically rank your website so always be related.

So that’s it is the Game of Backlinking nothing more. So always when you hire any expert first you should understand your own requirement.

May it helps you.

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  1. Sir first i find my compitators see the backlinks with high Da know where my compitators make links and then copy it and also find new compitators with new backlinks. Is I am on right path.


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