Referendum: Catalan authorities claim 90% “yes” to independence


According to the separatist government, the Catalans voted 90% for the independence of their region, Sunday, during a poll prohibited by Madrid and during which the clashes between policemen and voters made at least 92 wounded.

The Catalan government claims the participation of 2.26 million people, Sunday, October 1, in the referendum of self-determination prohibited by Madrid. The “yes” to independence prevailed to 90%, from the same source, and the turnout reached 42.3%. However, the referendum did not include any criteria guaranteeing the reliability of the results: transparent electoral lists, independent electoral commission, secret ballot.

The police intervened in several polling stations to confiscate the ballot boxes or outright to prohibit access to them. In all, more than 300 polling stations out of a total of 1,500 were closed.

The clashes resulted in at least 92 wounded, including two serious, out of the 844 people who sought medical assistance “in connection with the charges of state police forces,” according to the regional government. The Ministry of the Interior counts for its part of the wounded among the policemen, some having sustained stone throws.

The president of the Catalan executive, Carles Puigdemont, denounced the “unjustified violence” of the forces of order. “We have won the right to have an independent state that takes the form of a republic,” he said. “My government will, in the days to come, pass the results of today’s ballot to Parliament, guaranteeing the sovereignty of our people, so that it can act in accordance with the referendum law,” he added.

The Spanish head of government, Mariano Rajoy, seemed to deny the events of the day, affirming that there was “no referendum of self-determination today in Catalonia”. He summoned the political parties of the country to “reflect” on the Catalan question.

Some forty trade union, political and social organizations in Catalonia have called for a general strike in the region on Tuesday.
Relive the day of Sunday on our liveblog.


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