Romana Vrede first guest in ‘VPRO Zomergasten’

Romana Vrede first guest in 'VPRO Zomergasten'

Romana Vrede first guest in 'VPRO Zomergasten'

Actress Romana Vrede opens on Sunday 29 July the 31st season of ‘VPRO Zomergasten’. Romana Vrede (Paramaribo, 1972) is an actress and theater maker. Last year she won the Theo d’Or 2017, the stage prize for the most impressive female leading role of that season.

She received the prestigious prize for her rendition of Susan in the piece RACE by writer David Mamet directed by Eric de Vroedt at Het Nationale Theater. The jury report praises her strong physical presence, careful timing and the way in which her character creates ‘tangible discomfort on stage and in the auditorium’.

In the same season, Romana Vrede also produced Who’s afraid of Charlie Stevens, about the capricious, tested love for her severely autistic son Charlie and the place she fights for him in a society that is afraid of him. Romana Vrede has learned to look through the glasses of her son Charlie, for whom nothing is certain ‘because we have agreed that with each other like that’. That look also inspires her Summer guest night.

About ‘VPRO Zomergasten’ says Vrede: ” Summer guests’ gives me the chance to show the beauty that lies in the details of ugliness. If you are forced to look at things from a different perspective, you will see life as a film. The mise-en-scene is not fixed, you make it yourself. ‘

Romana Vrede is growing up in the Beverwaard in Rotterdam. She studies a year of history and sociology, but after working for a period as a dancer in clubs and as a model for, among others, the artist Corneille, she decides to audition for the drama academy. In 1999 she graduated from the ArtEZ Toneelschool in Arnhem. She starts her acting career at the Onafhankelijk Toneel in Rotterdam, where she plays roles in ao Paris 1950, Melanie Klein, Penelope, Zeezicht and Will from 1997 until the closure of the company in 2013. In addition, she plays with companies such as Maas theater and dance, Boogaerdt / Vanderschoot, NNT and Toneelgroep Oostpool. She can also be seen in films and TV series such as ‘TBS’, ‘De Eetclub’, ‘Suzanne en de Mannen’ and as detective Rita Ligtveld in ‘Moordvrouw’.

Her Medea role in mightysociety9. Love in times of poison affairs – a piece inspired by the Probo Koala affair – marks the beginning of her collaboration with director Eric de Vroedt. When he becomes artistic director of the fusion company Het Nationale Theater in The Hague in 2016, he immediately takes the actress to the court city. In 2017, Romana Vrede’s role for Susan in RACE is to present the Theo d’Or for best female lead. A year later she was again nominated for her performance of Mariam Traoré in the marathon performance The Nation, now for the Colombina for the best supporting role. Last spring she played Kassandra in the Oresteia and next season she will be shown in We are here for Robbie, a piece by Maria Goos, Our street by Daria Bukvić and the telephony Hereafter of Willem Bosch.
In addition to her acting, Vrede is a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Hofplein Rotterdam and at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. She is currently working on a ‘autofiction’ book about the life of her son Charlie.


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