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New York — As 2015 neared its end, Jeffrey Dignitary Morgan was a bustling performer.One day, he was occupied on the New York set of “The Good Wife” in his part as Alicia Florrick’s caddish snuggle toy, blazing his fiendish smile at arrangement star Julianna Margulies.

The following day he was streaming down to the Georgia woods to play a genuine fallen angel in the Season 6 finale of “The Strolling Dead.”

Morgan had handled the show’s plum part of Negan, a smiling, swaggering harasser who, with a band of raiders, started tyrannizing Rick Grimes (arrangement star Andrew Lincoln) and the great folks he leads.

Morgan realized that amid the violent scene he was there to film he would murder off one of the arrangement’s fan top picks. He simply didn’t know who it would be. Indeed, even after the two-night shoot had wrapped, despite everything he didn’t know whose skull he had clubbed with his spiked metal upgraded homerun stick.

Just in May 2016, when generation started on Season 7 (and a month after the season 6 cliffhanger had stunned its gathering of people) did Morgan take in the horrendous truth, as taping of a similar bleeding night continued, to be finished now with its stunning uncover.

At the point when that scene debuted in October, a group of people of 17 million was there to witness the loathsome execution of not only one but rather two cherished characters, Glenn and Abraham, whose noggins were beat into dark red mash as even butchery solidified fans cried, “Excessively!” Along these lines was Negan set up as an autocrat whose rule of dread would diminish intense Rick to tears.

That is the critical circumstance as “The Strolling Dead” returns for its middle of the season debut on AMC at 9 p.m. EST Sunday with Negan unequivocally in control.

Which can be a blended gift for the on-screen character who plays him.

“There are individuals out there who detest my guts, and I get notification from them, as well,” says Morgan with a knowing giggle amid a current talk. “However, overwhelmingly the fans have invited me as a piece of this peculiar, broken family.

“The relationship this show has with its fans,” he includes, “is not at all like anything I’ve encountered some time recently.”

Not that Morgan, at 50, is new to either the acting amusement or fan reaction.

His many credits incorporate love-her-and-abandon her independent gumshoe Jason Crouse on “The Great Spouse,” a stretch on “Powerful,” two seasons as the harried Miami inn investor on “Enchantment City,” and — keeping “Dark’s Life structures” enthusiasts wailing — as Izzie’s laid up sweetheart, who was urgently anticipating a heart transplant.

Yet, none of that readied him for “The Strolling Dead.”

“It’s an extraordinary affair,” says Morgan, a strapping individual with an agreeable way and — yes — glimmering choppers. “I can’t stroll down the road any longer. I got the opportunity to look in my back view mirror to ensure I’m not being taken after home. Presently, that is all piece of my existence.”

Morgan immediately discovered that the “Strolling Dead” troupe is as much like the CIA as like a hit appear.

“Everything,” he wonders, “is covered in mystery.”

Simply review that fear executing scene, with Negan strutting and displaying his bat, “Lucille,” as he insulted his hostages with “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”: Other than Rick, each character, one by one, was taped being done off to help defend the “genuine” casualty’s personality, as indicated by Morgan.

At that point, as a diversionary strategy, “we spilled film of me murdering Maggie,” who, obviously, stays especially alive. “That is a great deal of time and push to experience to attempt to spare your story. In any case, the cast and group, they’re altogether used to living in this world.

“There’s a genuine feeling of family when you experience an affair like this,” Morgan says. “It’s the reason the cast is so tight. We place ourselves in this air pocket while we’re shooting — and keeping in mind that we’re NOT shooting. Indeed, even now, I need to observe each word I say. Despite everything i’m not used to that.”As an early enthusiast of the “Strolling Dead” funnies, and also the television arrangement they enlivened, Morgan was knowledgeable in Negan much sooner than he won the part.

“I discover him entrancing,” Morgan says. “The most vital thing to acknowledge is the manner by which shrewd he is. That is anything but difficult to overlook, since you see him go ahead with his grandiosity and the savvy ass jokes. Be that as it may, whatever you’re considering, he’s now two stages in front of you. He’s continually jabbing at your rib enclosure and wearing that smile. Keep in mind those butt holes in secondary school? He’s that person! Be that as it may, on this show, you can’t run home to mother.

“He’s an overwhelming character,” Morgan totals up with delight. “Still, sooner or later, Negan’s going to need to get his head broke by Rick.” I can’t state when, or how, or regardless of the possibility that I know. However, he’s going to Need to!”No big surprise Morgan is grinning as he says it. He realizes that will be another awesome scene to play.

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