Vettel Okay with 10-race F1 Season


Sebastian Vettel thinks F1 World Championship, under given circumstances, can still be saved if a total of 10 races take place in 2020.

This year, F1 marked its calendar to have 22 races – the greatest number of races in a single campaign. However, that changed as soon as coronavirus expanded its operations throughout the world. Currently, nine races have either been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. Discussions are underway for the season to start in July. To realize that dream though, F1 organizers will have to propose a new schedule.

There is also the possibility of races repeating twice on a single track. Silverstone is one such venue whose owners have shown interest in the prospect of hosting races more than once in 2020. It is a great option because most of the car manufacturers are located very close to Silverstone. On the contrary, the world is not finding it easy to recover from the current dismal state it is in right now. Many of the plans as a result are volatile.

Austria could be kickstarting the season as the country is now beginning to ease lockdown. But even that would only be a success if the event is held behind closed doors. So far, there are a handful of countries like Austria that can resume the normal. Grands Prix without an audience would certainly feel obscure. At the same time, Grands Prix without an audience is the only way out for F1 right now as the world tries to slowly heal from the catastrophe.

In Vettel’s view, the holder of the 2020 World Championship would be a worthy winner even if the events’ total is brought down to ten. F1 CEO Chase Carey in the last few conversations with the public talked of his commitment to push for around 15 to 18 races. Given the current pace of progress against the coronavirus, his commitment seems a far cry from reality.


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