During the “VKontakte” crash, users founded new cities and blocked communities


The social network “VKontakte” spoke about the work on eliminating the large-scale malfunction that occurred on March 13, on Monday, and lasted only four minutes. During the malfunction, users received service rights. A few minutes they had enough to block and remove dozens of communities and records, as well as lay several fictional cities in the geographical base. The names for new settlements were mostly obscene or incoherent.

At the same time, new imaginary workers could not look at other people’s correspondence or, for example, see other people’s geodata.

According to VKontakte, the cause of the failure was the “fatally inattentive merge (drain) of the branch, in which one of the internal interfaces was remade.” All actions of users who have received service rights are preserved in the logs.

“Partly because of this bacchanalia lasted only four minutes – the logs were surprised by such a large number of new employees, and the site was laid down,” social network representatives said.


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