Why are some women afraid of becoming a mother?

Why are some women afraid of becoming a mother?
Why are some women afraid of becoming a mother?

Why are some women afraid of becoming a mother?

Why are some women afraid of becoming a mother?

‘I’m scared of the idea of coming to any of my heavy stomach’
It is a 26-year-old semintha.
Samantha is the patient of ‘tokovobia’. Women suffering from this disease are afraid to go through the process of producing pregnancy and child. According to experts, around 14 percent of the women in the world are such scared.

Semintha says, ‘I am afraid of this fear always.’ I am worried about pregnant women. Even after hearing about pregnancy or child I feel like sleeping. I fear to get scared. ‘

According to Tommy, a working for children, the idea of pregnancy leads to most of the nerves of women, which is minor. But toxicobia is different from this slight panic. ‘
Rennie works to help such women.

He said ‘Tocophobia patients can go to any extent to overcome pregnancy. She is so scared of being a mother to cursed her abstract.

Semintha is also getting treatment each week but she seems that her relatives and friends often make mistakes in understanding them. He said, ‘They say it’s not a big deal, and I have no reaction.


Semintha’s husband has been a child for many years. “I did not want to remove my fear and eat contraceptive tablets,” she says. But now I am so afraid that I want to stay away from sex too. ‘
He further said, ‘I have also hidden my husband from my husband and thought about eating medicines so that I should not be pregnant. I’m not ready to breathe inside my stomach, and hands and grow in my stomach. I do not trust my body. I do not know how to get scared in my mind. ‘

Dai Sophie King tells that she is now more likely to see women who are afraid of pregnancy than before.
He said, ‘This is also due to the fact that tobacco is related to anxiety. And today more people are affected by this disease. ‘

The 33-year-old Lara also helped therapy save her fear. He said ‘The process of childbirth on movies and TVs is not often presented correctly. I was told that one of my colleagues had pain or labor pan for six days. He felt as if he had broken into two pieces. I was afraid to hear all this.

Sofa said that tobacco is two types. The first is those women who have never been pregnant before. The second one has passed through the experience of becoming a mother.

Sophie believes that due to this woman exploitation, mental discomfort or past experiences may occur in the past with this woman.
Alexa has also passed through this problem, but now she tells other women about it and helps her escape from fear.
“We get a good news from the difficulties of the birth of children.” I am telling media to come forward to help. ‘
Becky, 26, suggests that there should be institutions to help women with tobacco-affected women. It is normal disease and can be taken out of it.

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