Best Online Racing Simulation: F1 2019, rFactor 2 or iRacing?


Now more than ever a good online racing simulation has become extremely important. While there is a truckload of racing games offering you all sorts of functions you might need to race your friends, there are only a few having the right physics, cars, tracks and, above all, reliability currently in the domain of online gaming. Among these few, gamers generally rank F1 2019, rFactor 2 and iRacing as the go-to games for simulation racing fans. There is a catch though. These games have their positives and negatives and therefore, it depends on the user to determine which of the positives are more important to them.

F1 2019 in Hot Water

F1 2019 has come under a lot of attention over the last few weeks. Maybe because the people who thought they would be watching Vietnam Grand Prix are now living in isolation watching their favorite drivers stream F1 sim on Twitch. Lando Norris is one of the leading drivers to delve into the world of F1 2019. He Twitch streamed his racing exploits and during the process raised a lot of money for fundraisers as well.

However, things took a turn for the worse when he got ready for the second edition of the Virtual Grand Prix being hosted by F1 Esports. Amid the initial proceedings of the race, his game crashed. Naturally, he reacted with surprise followed by anger over the lack of care the developers showed in making the game pristine. The crash also sheds light on why the simulation is a long way from hosting an official F1 Championship race. It is just not reliable enough to be holding an official race.

On the other hand, Charles Leclerc loved the sim experience. On his debut in the virtual series, he won the race. By the way, he only had a week to prepare for the race. That says something about the Monegasque driver. The important detail to note here is the contrast of opinion about the game among the F1 drivers. Where George Russel and Charles Leclerc are having fun playing the game, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen are brooding over the inefficiency of the game.

F1 2019

The official game of Formula 1 is currently being developed by Codemasters. They have a contract with F1 to develop the game until at least 2025. Time and again, F1 2019 is showing signs of making the online racing experience awful for people like Lando Norris. With that in mind, race fans might want to expand their racing simulation options. But first, let’s explore the good aspects of the game before diving into other options.

Codemasters builds on the games it creates in the past and F1 2019 is no exception to that paradigm. The most prominent feature of their game is the career mode that allows you to go through all the behind-the-scenes drama and ruthless competition on the multitude of available tracks. That is not all though. It also features a neat user interface to easily navigate the game – a feature other racing simulations often tend to ignore. Physics is not the greatest but also not the worst. Artificial Intelligence of the game is top-notch. You could go on playing for hours alongside AI opponents within the game. Problems begin showing up as soon as you open the game’s online platform. As noticed in the last few days, the game does not respond too kindly to players going online to take part in the Virtual Grand Prix Series.

Indeed, if online racing is your main concern, then there are at least two other games available to play that never tire perfecting your isolation period. rFactor 2 and iRacing are both incredibly powerful options to race online.

rFactor 2

rFactor 2 is developed by Studio 397 and Image Space Incorporated. Even though it gives the F1 2019 some serious competition, it does lack the graphics and user interface to make it the perfect option to choose. You also do not have a wide array of cars to drive. On the bright side, you do get outstanding physics which needs to be at the top of the requirements before getting your hands on a racing simulation. AI is also great. But for those hoping to get into a race with the AI, F1 2019 is doing a pretty fine job already. rFactor 2 is a slightly better option in comparison to the latter in that it has more realistic physics.


iRacing is by far the world’s best online racing simulation which the likes of Max Verstappen and Lando Norris have been playing for a while even though newer racing games continue to arrive in stores. There are at least 80 tracks and 80 race cars in the game. Sim racing does not get better than iRacing. Graphics might not be perfect like you would expect in a modern title. But coupled with good physics and an unparalleled online experience, iRacing is the best in the market right now.

A genuine reason to choose one game over the other could be made. Although, at least from the perspective of all the gamers suffering from untimely crashes, they may find respite in the very best and timeless iRacing.


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